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We Asked, You Answered

"Big or small, what do you find helps you cope with life?"

  • Taking a walk with my dogs and observing the seasonal beauty of trees: birds' nests that can be seen in the winter, radiant leaf colors in the fall, budding flowers in the spring. 

  • Pausing to notice the freckles on my 11 year old's face. 

  • Breathing deeply. 

  • Naming, out loud, things I am grateful for.  

  • Sharing coffee with a good friend. 

I have found that any form of exercise or physical movement to be a blessing, especially if it can be done outdoors. Being outdoors is my remedy for anything, really, as I find that it gets me out of myself and interacting with the world around me.

For me humor, playfulness, amusement and curiosity are BIG.

 I have found that nature is my constant healing companion. I go outside into the forest or the prairie or the shore of a Great Lake. And it has always held me and healed me.

Praying helps me coping with life

NATURE.  Always.  Whether it is a peek outside a window, or some time with my feet on the ground in the fresh air.  It ALWAYS helps.  My church. 


Friends, significant other. I have worked long and hard on relationships my whole life, building the family I want to surround myself with.  I lean on them whenever I can.

Laughter.  I know things are bad when my sense of humor takes a hike.  I believe I have moved into a place of knowing myself now that when that happens I can be curious. 

Poetry/music/art/performance.  Moves me to tears and allows the grief to escape--the feelings to come and to feel less alone in difficult moments.

PETS.  ohhhhhh boy, my furry posse of whatever beasts are included at the time have always been a part of my coping.  As an only child, they often were my only source of comfort, fun and companionship. 

ACTIVITY/movement.  That has changed a lot for me since COVID, I used to use it as a distraction, I think--rage working out, or something.  But now, I find it is more fluid, more ease, more sustainable.  I am loving watching myself journey through new places in it. 

QUIET.  loving solitude.  Ritual.  I've created a small altar that I now visit every morning.  It has provided me with a new feeling of being "held".  Its the only way I can describe it. 

 GRATITUDE.  I love sending thank yous to those who inspire me. Mentors, poets, athletes, community members.  I think written thank yous are often the most tender and meaningful.  I used to send cards, but now I mostly write emails.  I may change that up. 


Beer, wine.  Not to the point of numbing.  But sometimes, just to calm my nerves. 

Really pausing and focusing on the big picture but yet staying grounded in the present.  My desire to help the masses all for the greater good sometimes leans me back into just being centered in the 2 clients I have now.  Listening & developing strategies to keep my cup filled so I can also help fill others for a least a moment in time.  If being in the woods isn’t an option,  I love being still with a book & a cup of hot tea, hearing my young adult children giggling to tik tok in the distance.  Simple bliss goes a long way. 

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