To know what’s knowable, and to make space for the rest



To reclaim illness, disability, and death as natural parts of the human experience.


 Written by BJ Miller and Shoshana Berger, A Beginner's Guide to the End is a practical, compassionate, and comprehensive guide to dying—and living fully until you do.

"A thoughtful, pull-no-punches, warm and comforting take on a subject that most of us avoid until we no longer can. The combined wisdom of a legendary hospice physician together with a journalist and experienced caregiver feels like a loving friend who is by our side with practical advice on the medical, legal, logistical, and emotional aspects of an event that awaits us all. Read it before you need to and watch one kind of anxiety disappear. It’s a book that every family should have, the equivalent of Dr. Spock but for this other phase of life."

Abraham Verghese, author of Cutting for Stone


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